Glen Echo Cheese Kiosk

Note: This project was done while working at Dimentians Ltd.

About the client

Glen Echo Fine Foods is the supplier of Canada's finest foods, specializing in cheese from all over the world and have a large selection of specialty and high-quality cheeses regularly in stock.

Project Description

The Glen Echo Cheese Kiosk "Discover A New Cheese" is a responsive web app, custom designed and built to run on iPad and iPod Touch devices. These devices are being displayed in supermarkets throughout Canada and set up as interactive kiosks. Users are able to interact with the website in order to learn more about featured cheeses and sign up for the Glen Echo newsletter for future updates.

I was the lead developer of the project, working with another two team members, Susheila was the project manager and Jen was a web designer. My main role in producing the website was to take the designs mockups provided by Jen and turn them into a fully functional/responsive WordPress site. I converted the designs into a W3C-valid HTML/CSS version using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, then implemented it into a Wordpress theme.

I built a simple recommendation engine that uses user input to present a list of the most recommended types of cheese, it is also used to display a list of related cheese types on every cheese page.

I also developed a custom Wordpress plugin to extend Wordpress functionality to allow them easily manage their cheese database though the Wordpress admin dashboard, this includes cheese types, flavors, Food and Wine Pairings. The plugin was developed using PHP5 according to Wordpress plugin development standards and best practices.

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